On the issues, the differences between me and my opponent are stark, which is why the stakes in this race are so high for everybody in Austin. Below, I explain in detail the issues at stake in this election. I encourage you to educate yourself on the differences between myself and my opponent. Please share this information with the people you know.

Strong Public Safety.

We are fortunate to live in one of America's safest large cities, and people want to keep it that way. I've consistently voted, led and supported efforts to maintain the performance and integrity of our police, fire and EMS departments. My opponent, on the other hand, says "public safety is limiting the ability of the City" to provide other services. I disagree: public safety must be a top priority, to keep our city safe. Learn More.

A Safe and Secure Water Supply.

One of the most important and critical issues in this race is Austin’s water supply. We need a safe and secure water supply, now and for future generations of Austinites. That’s why I voted to construct the water plant to get us there—something my opponent has said she would NOT have done. Learn More.

Affordable Clean Energy.

I haven’t just supported Austin’s environmental efforts; I’ve led the way on major initiatives to make Austin a model for clean energy and green technology. But I’m also committed to making sure those efforts are balanced. Citizens want their leaders to know and remember the importance of the bottom line — that our economic health, as individuals and as a community, is part of what it means to be sustainable. Learn More.

Balance and Reason.

An incredibly challenging zoning case cuts to the very core of what differentiates me from my opponent, and is just one example of the importance of bringing balance and reason to decision-making at City Hall. I encourage you to read the story and watch our video to get a better sense for what it really means to "listen and respect the people of Austin." Learn More.

Keeping the "Neighbor" In Neighborhoods.

Instead of “listening and respecting” a small business owner, Kathie Tovo fought a local restaurant and other local businesses relentlessly so she and her friends could fulfill their own narrow vision of what Austin should be. Watch our video and hear their story for yourself. Learn More. 

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